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Here is a ninja page with ninja pictures and jokes have fun......With ninjas!

Q: how many ninja does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: 2, one to screw in the light bulb, and one to jump around and throw ninja stars!
Q: why did the ninja cross the road?
A: to throw ninja stars at the chicken!
Q: what do you get when you cross a ninja with a star?
A: a NINJA star!   ;...(   <boo hoo
Q: what does a ninja say when he kills some one?
A: nothing.
Q: what do you do when you see a ninja coming at you?
A: throw a chimney at it.  submitted by jeramy.
Q: what do ninjas eat?
A: anything they want to.
Q: what do you call a ninja with a hang over?
A: im not gonna say anything, it might piss him off.
Q: why do ninjas kill people?
A: just to piss you off.
Q: what do you get when you cross two ninjas?
A: sliced to hell.
Q: when is it a good time to insult a ninja?
A: never.
Q: what do you get when you cross a ninja with a pig?
A: a pork chop.

And now a touching song by mister evil ninja.....
I am ninja ive gone bad
I am ninja kill like mad
ninja smart
ninja strong
ninja kill people all day long
why me ninja you may ask
you shut up ill kick your ass!
ninja fast like speed of light
you shut up or ninja smite!
ninja like to drink and cuss
ninja like to ride the bus
ninja rap with skill and speed
porn and booze what ninja need
some ninja good some ninja bad
all bad ninja mug your dad
good ninja study scrolls & books
thats cause theyre gay breakfast nooks
this ninja song gone on too long
time to hit big ninja gong....


A ninja with 2 guitars.......
Is anything cooler?

scratchin vinyl is important for ninjas...

contrary to popular beleif.....
smoking even kills ninjas....